Rebecca Mott

If we really want to abolish prostitution – then we look into the real cause of it existence.

Prostitution would not exist if men did not demand to have paid sex/rape on tap wherever and whenever they want.

Prostitution would not exist if men did not know they can make a mass profit through selling whatever sadistic sexual practices they can imagine.

Prostitution is driven by men.

Prostitution was invented by men, and with a strong will, it can be destroyed by men.

But the art of prostitution is to make the men disappear, and all the focus and blame heaped onto the prostituted class.

I am sick, I am tired, hell I am pissed off that the men are made invisible.

By refusing to see the men as the issue, you are just giving the men more power to destroyed the prostituted.

By refusing to see the men, you are…

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  1. Hi,

    This is probably not the best place to ask. But I was wondering whether you have written anything about or know any links to the differences between radical feminism and anarcha-feminism. I came across a blog post from you in which you suggested this as a topic.


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