Hey, what happened to Bra-Busters!?!?

Facebook knows the difference between porn and women’s speech, misogyny and feminism. They censor the latter, and welcome the former. To paraphrase Dworkin, for men, freedom of speech. For women, esp radscum, stfu misandrist/transphobe/censor, or we’ll censor and ban you.

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Domestication : Husbandry

So much agreement with this post. Domestication and animal husbandry is the genesis of it (male rule). capture, control, forcing reproduction, rape, domesticate.

The Arctic Feminist

* In this piece I use the term “fucking” to refer to heterosexual vaginal intercourse where a penis is put into a vagina.

I will assume that most reading this have an understanding of basic leftism.  In my time as a young idealistic communist I learned that there was this magical time where class didn’t exist and that women weren’t oppressed or something.  They generally point to the the formation of private property as the turning point by which class society developed.  I’m not negating this basic premise with this post, I will however speak specifically about whats left out of this basic understanding: How and WHY did these fuckers (men) enslave women for their own benefit?

Most people who follow this basic theory believe that men were in control of the cattle that became the first example of human property.  (Now this would mean there was a sexual division…

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Rebecca Mott

If we really want to abolish prostitution – then we look into the real cause of it existence.

Prostitution would not exist if men did not demand to have paid sex/rape on tap wherever and whenever they want.

Prostitution would not exist if men did not know they can make a mass profit through selling whatever sadistic sexual practices they can imagine.

Prostitution is driven by men.

Prostitution was invented by men, and with a strong will, it can be destroyed by men.

But the art of prostitution is to make the men disappear, and all the focus and blame heaped onto the prostituted class.

I am sick, I am tired, hell I am pissed off that the men are made invisible.

By refusing to see the men as the issue, you are just giving the men more power to destroyed the prostituted.

By refusing to see the men, you are…

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The trope that women hate women never feels true to me, even though I read the Phyllis Chesler book and I work with teenage girls, who are supposed to be the worst bullies of all. They’re not. Teenage girls experience the gamut of human emotion including a desire for power, which they rarely achieve via any other means but their sexuality — how “hot” they are; what they’re wearing; which guys want to date them. When they behave badly, it’s usually a sane reaction to an insane situation — an understandable response to a toxic culture that ensmallens them; asks them to be sexy but not “slutty,” (i.e. sexual); to self-objectify and see themselves through male eyes. This isn’t news. Have you listened to any mainstream hip-hop lately, the kind they played at my gym this afternoon? Watched any cable TV? Seen what’s new in free online pornography? (Skip the vileness and check out one angry girl instead).

Anyway. The subject of single-sex education…

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Pass the Flaming Sword

Okay, so this article or whatever it is pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with the current direction the mainstream discourse on feminism has taken, and so I felt a need to comment on it. A lot. And I apologize in advance if I come off like a smartass, especially should the author of the piece be reading this. It’s nothing personal.

In case you have too little time to hear in detail what my problem with this piece on feminism is, I’ll just give you the TL;DR right now: it’s not feminism.

Buckle up, this is rough stuff.

“Feminism has come a long way — it has absolutely revolutionized the way gender shapes our lives. The restrictions placed on my mother’s generation have little bearing on mine.”

I don’t know what sort of world this person lives in, but I have to assume it’s not one in…

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I’m posting this for the specific strategy in the post, not the blog itself.

Diary of a VirginWhore

In Merseyside, Police have worked in partnership with sex worker organisations to catch serial rapists and declared all crimes against sex workers to be a hate crime. The police have now have achieved a 67% conviction rate for rape against sexworkers – the national average is just 6%. Article here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/dec/22/merseyside-police-sex-workers-protect

After Jemima (@itsjustahobby) over at itsjustahobby.wordpress.com sent Ruth Jacobs (@RuthFJacobs) who blogs at soul-destruction.com the link to the article, Ruth has got an MP on board with this sex worker collaboration model. Ruth has asked me to work with her to get this model implemented in every police force across the UK.

Ruth’s focus – in her own words – has always been to protect women in prostitution, and since finding out about Merseyside she has decided that focussing her efforts in implementing this across the UK is the best way to realise this goal. I think that whether…

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Liberation Collective

Sex Role BoxesI was coercively assigned a sex role at birth. As soon as medical personnel saw that I didn’t have a penis, the process of putting me and keeping me in a very narrowly-defined box began. From then on I was coercively stopped from doing or being things associated with boys and coerced into doing and being things associated with girls. I fought many bitter, painful battles over years of being forced into that box. A handful of those battles I won; most I lost, because the full power of adults was brought to bear to keep me in my proper sex role.

It’s intensely frustrating that in the intervening years experiences like this have continued for girls and boys. But worse, rather than meaningful progress toward simply allowing children to live their lives outside of any box, there is now a very powerful movement that claims that forcing children into…

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I’d only add that this socialization is done by older boys and men. Sex for men is quite literally man sticks his penis in someTHING. Hence men masturbating by sticking their dicks in things, especially women but also kids and some men, being called sex. Media reports seriously call men being caught pushing their dicks into objects being caught having sex with said objects. Ummm. Consent, or oh, being alive, is not relevant. Being human is not relevant. When it is all sex, all sex is objectifying. These males *see little difference* between living and dead, human and other animal, all are objects. That are there for them to stick their dicks in. Only thing is, they probably prefer that said objects are warm and wet. And fake multiple orgasms.

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I used to use handmaiden. I won’t anymore.

Engaging with women and their ideas with “dickpleaser” and the like isn’t analysis, or even debate, it’s simply dismissing women’s ideas through insulting the woman.

Revolutionary Combustion

I have a problem with leveraging misogynist insults at other women. Yeah, I do. And I am especially disturbed when these insults come from the mouths (or fingers) of women who actually consider themselves feminists or who believe that they are engaged in feminist discourse, analysis, and/or commentary while doing so. That’s funny, amIright? Tragically ironic is more like it. So I want to quickly address:

…the rising problem of ‘radical feminists’ using misogynist methods to refer to feminists with whom they disagree. Especially that they think it’s ok to publicly declare that some women are ‘male-identified’ (because *they* identify them with males) and then, basically, punish them on the grounds of that characterisation, by calling them ‘dick-pleasers’ or something similar. ~liberationislife

Sexualized insults are expressions of misogyny. Referring to a woman’s sexual behavior, her sexuality, or her appearance as a way to discredit her political efforts or speech is…

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Word. Biological determinism has usually been a current in radical feminism, historically, but what makes it disturbing is that it is increasingly becoming *the* party line, and radical feminists with different analyses are being declared liberals and dick pleasers. Catherine does a great analysis on the science and what it actually says, and how limited it is. Within the p, considering boys are also gendered, we cannot observe anyone in nature, sans socialization, for example.

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Thanks so much to Ruth for letting me be part of this. I only wish i had remembered to include the naming and shaming of johns and pimps publicly as part of how to abolish prostitution.

Ruth Jacobs

Winnie SmallHow did you become involved in supporting the abolition of prostitution?

I must admit my opposition to pornstitution was largely academic at first, not felt in my gut to be wrong until I read anti-pornography/anti-prostitution feminist books, especially radical feminist books, like Gloria Steinem’s Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics, Joan Smith’s Misogynies – I read all these at twelve years old. Another book I read at the same age, Patrick Roscoe’s Birthmarks, is a collection of semi-autobiographical stories about prostitution, child sexual abuse, homelessness, trauma re-enactment, and so on – that is what really hit me in the gut/tear ducts. Before that, I was pro-porn, from about eight to twelve, consuming romance novels (from garage sales and the library) and porn – first sneaking looks at my dad’s friends’ porn, then seeking out mostly televised pornography on pay per view channels (we had a descrambler). I…

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Holy shit. A must read

Radfem Hub

Please reblog this radical feminist analysis of the Pussy Riot controversy.

Recently there has been lots of noise around the arrest of three members of Pussy Riot, a Russian anarchist female punk band. The media almost unequivocally represented them as the modern heroines of our time, fighting for freedom, democracy, sexual liberation and peace against a dark and ruthless dictatorship (articles are to be found in the NYT, Le Monde. The Guardian, etc.) Feminist groups all over the Western world are sending links and petitions to “free pussy riot”, and demonstrations have even been organised in support of the group by big institutionalised organisations such as “Osez le féminisme” (dare to be a feminist).

Now while I support without ambiguity the liberation of Pussy Riot’s members, it’s worth pausing for a minute to ask ourselves, as radical feminists, what the political dynamics are…

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