Callout for the Carnival of Radical Feminists!

Hello, this is your host for the March Carnival of Radical Feminists.

You can submit old, new, newish, etc. writings. Poems, reviews, short stories, essays, free thoughts, rants, songs, drawings, etc are all welcome. Your own or someone else’s. Collaborations are welcome too.

You can send your subs to the carni page or email them to me directly at demonista at gmail dot com with the necessary info included. (I still haven’t figured the carni page doohickey out yet–does the page send subs to me?)

I haven’t decided on one theme, so here are some suggestions:

-cuntspeak (what a shocker choice for me! for an explication see this and/or that)

-feminist erotic fanfiction and slash: an oxymoron?

-radical feminism and animal rights/veganism/animal liberation

-radical feminism and anarchism: similarities, diffs, failures of anarchism

– radical feminist music

-can a trans woman be a radical feminist?

-radical feminism and womanism/indigenous solidarity/antiracism/analysing white privilege

-first person political: the personal is political, consciousness-raising

-activism tales (eg taking on pornographers, leaving abusive men, anti-Israeli war protest…)

Hmm…maybe there is a theme: intersections?

I look forward to all the amazing submissions!

Peace in! 😀


Toronto Rally for a Progressive Coalition, and Consolidated downloads

Come on out to it! I’ll be there 🙂

Not only that, but Jack Layton, Mary Walsh, and Dion will too !!#%^E%$&Q!

In bad news, Michaelle Jean, our Governer General, has let Harper prorogue parliament (suspend it till the end of January). DAMMIT!!!

Here’s some Consolidated songs to stoke the revolutionary fire 😉 5 tracks from Play More Music… a fantastic album 🙂

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