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It’s been too long, eh?

I really want to write a essay thingy on the police state, trying to overcome my nice white girl training, and the private control of women, coming in large part from my experience in the film studio turned jail, and what women have come forth with, such as amy miller, along with other women detainees (and at least one male one), were threatened with rape. i also want to draw comparisons between prisons and brothels.

http://www.vancouversun.com/news/journa … g+arrests/3222383/story.html


i was only patted down, not strip searched, but still felt violated (it included feeling my vulva and breasts). i was held about 16 hours. women of colour were ziptied and held longer than white folks.

i’m still processing what happened. and many of my comrades are still in jail

p.s. zanzibar (strip club that told g20 leaders to “work out world peace in the vip room”) and american apparel got smashed up during the property modification on saturday. hahahahahaha


Vancouver 2010 Olympics

http://www.thefiveringcircus.com/ – Documentary I saw today. Recommended.

http://www.no2010.com/ is a invaluable site.

Here’s a indie news report on the Olympics http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=y5NOSaZDPDo. Guess who is one of the interviewed? 😛 My friend Dan Kellar is also in it. His quotes are better than mine 😉

http://demonista.livejournal.com/104217.html is me talking about mainstream coverage of the Spirit Train blockade.





lies, like saying I was only locked down for an hour when it was really 3. We also made Toronto CTV’s local news. The first news story!

But it’s depressing how so few of the comments to the news stories have been positive. One called me a “bimbo,” several said I should get run over by the Spirit Train, one said I need to be in the psych ward on suicide watch, some have called me “horrible” “crackpot” etc. Some are very overtly racist and sexist (racist because it was in part for Indigenous land rights).

Best comment:

Hmmm, not really sure how to post on LJ, but I will give it a try.

But anyway, this is Rowland from over at By Any Means Necessary.

The truth is that I wouldn’t expect any different a response in a colonial-settler, patriarchal country like Canada. The truth is, as far as I have experienced it here in North America, most Canadians and Americans like to put their fingers in their ears and just yell nonsensicals whenever you try and bring up something like the historic and continuing injustices perpetrated against the Indians.

Just try and tell an American about the continuing effects of slavery on people of African descent…

I hate to put it like this, but many “whites” don’t like to be told about themselves (in terms of their continued support for governments that commit genocide and oppression) and their history. I know that sounds really bad but I cannot think of a better way to put it. Many have this illusion of Canada as some sort of united entity when it is anything but that.

Anyway, I think what you did was great, wish I could have been there.

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