When men kill, we say…

Whenever a man kills women and children in his life, media and the general public say: he was stressed/a nice guy/he was driven to it/he must’ve been depressed/etc. Whenever a man, especially if white (and they disproportionately are white), commits spree killing, mass shooting, serial killing, etc, we say: he must’ve been crazy/what did his mom do to him/women rejected him. Often, these are also used as opportunities to defend johning, as if women in prostitution exist to absorb and can magically transform the aggression and entitlement of these men, and save “good” women and the general public from said entitlement and aggression. Men are violent not because of what they go through in life, or even what they feel (do we think women don’t experience stress, unemployment, being told no, depression, anger, jealously, bitterness, even rage, etc? Do we think men who don’t decide to kill people or strangle or kick their wives or economically coerce, blackmail or otherwise rape women, in and out of prostitution, or gaslight their partners, etc don’t experience these emotions and life events?), but how they think–what they think they are entitled to, what they think the women in their lives (or male partners), or specific classes of women, are there for, if they think they own “their” kids, etc.

Inspired by this post, give it a read too: http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/geoff-hunt-lockhart-family-murder/

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