When I woke up this morning and logged on to my computer, I was relieved to find a radical feminist analysis of the Pussy Riot posted at the Radical Hub.

When the malestream media pays any attention to feminists it is important to ask why. Chances are it’s not because they’re interested in feminism.

Invisibility is the order of the day when it comes to political women. Women’s voices are censored and disappeared, unless they serve men in some way. The Hub article points out the reason why these particular women have gained so much attention: it is because their movement revels in, thrives on, and is indeed based on the degradation, pornification and subordination of women. This is the way that “anarchists” and the “state” –two groups of men– communicate with each other i.e via their mutual contempt of women. The hatred that anarchist men play out on women’s bodies (their wives and girlifriends) is fully…

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