g20 arrest

It’s been too long, eh?

I really want to write a essay thingy on the police state, trying to overcome my nice white girl training, and the private control of women, coming in large part from my experience in the film studio turned jail, and what women have come forth with, such as amy miller, along with other women detainees (and at least one male one), were threatened with rape. i also want to draw comparisons between prisons and brothels.

http://www.vancouversun.com/news/journa … g+arrests/3222383/story.html


i was only patted down, not strip searched, but still felt violated (it included feeling my vulva and breasts). i was held about 16 hours. women of colour were ziptied and held longer than white folks.

i’m still processing what happened. and many of my comrades are still in jail

p.s. zanzibar (strip club that told g20 leaders to “work out world peace in the vip room”) and american apparel got smashed up during the property modification on saturday. hahahahahaha


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  1. Man that sucks 😦

    But hell yeah, strip club + american apparel getting smashed up? Can’t complain!

  2. Props to you for fighting the good fight and best wishes to your friends for quick release. (The ideal case scenario has the community uniting, marching into the jail, and tearing open the cells.) I’m disgusted but unsurprised by the sexual violence part of the repression. As intersectionality suggests, these things are all connected.

  3. i know, good targets, eh? πŸ˜‰

    thanks! more and more, i’m becoming a prison abolitionist.

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