another post from fb :) on Six Nations and the Haldimand Tract and the illegitimacy of Canada this time

In response to: “If ur so against Canada then why don’t u get the fuck out. Just a suggestion of course.” made by the brother of a friend

I turned it on its head with “If ur so against Turtle Island then why don’t u — decendant of illegal immigrants who the first nations weren’t so keen on having here — get the fuck out. Just a suggestion of course.”

and explained with

I was just turning [Bob’s; not his real name] claim on its head, because this land was — and in most cases, still is — indigenous land. Most native folks don’t consider the solution to be for all us non-natives to leave, but the view that Canada is a legitimate nation, and that people who don’t like Canada should leave “Canada” (really Turtle Island), are farces.

Canada is a state far more than a nation. So, for example, refusal to vote is leaving Canada.

The land is Turtle Island, and we are nearest to (recognized by the Cdn government as) Six Nations land, and we are on the Haldimand Tract as people in “KW.” According to The Haldimand Proclamation, it is only fair to recognize the Haldimand Tract as belonging to Six Nations (eg it was given back by Britain to the Iroquois). Consequently, not only are we on Six Nations land, our actual government should be Six Nations [if they want to govern us], if we [are allowed to and] choose to stay in “KW.”

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