a charged fb conversation

This is just a conversation had on a friend’s fb status between myself and friends of hers.  I’ll just post from the time that I need to in order for readers to understand my responses.  I’ve also painted over the other folk’s last names and user photos.

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  1. Errrr what a fool :S

  2. I guess I wouldn’t agree with you on BDSM stuff, but I fail to see why a position on BDSM should make someone “queer” or not.

    And I really have a problem with how those things tend to be put i n a complete opposition, like if I practice BDSM I must be completely acritical of it in any form (including when there are serious power issues at play), and if I do criticize the injonction (which is a different thing than the simple possibility) to do BDSM or simply sex in some communities I’m accused of being “anti-sex” and puritan and so on.

  3. wow that guy is a jackass! I just found this blog, enjoying.

    not sure why it’s so hard for people to understand that bdsm is just a sexual microcosm of gender domination roles. It’s so sad that we can’t address the socialized need for domination in some form, even resorting to it in the bedroom for otherwise “healthy” people-but that guy wasn’t healthy in any way, shape or form.

    what a douche.

  4. Queer has become such a broad term that everyone has different ideas about it. Personally I love the ambiguity despite the problems. In some circles queer does imply a wide acceptance of sexual practices, including BDSM. I have to say I completely mirror your views. I’m saddened but not surprised by Joe’s misogynist garbage. Too many radical dudes neglect to apply their principles to gender. It’s hardly better than the state of the anarchist scene Voltairine de Cleyre described back in the 1890s. The way he mocks you for avoiding penetrative sex strikes me as especially telling. The narrative of real sex as penetration appears unbeatable in our culture. I desperately wish to smash that idol. Unlike Joe, I see nothing wrong with choosing to avoid piv because of Dworkin. Intercourse makes a damn good case.

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