my article on web order brides

from Laurier’s chapter of JHR’s publication on immigration is on pages 8-9. The rest of the articles are definitely worth a read too 🙂

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  1. That was AWESOME! Thank you. I especially enjoyed your reference to “predetermined power imbalances.” When being a Mail Order Bride is an objective improvement over a woman’s born-into-situation, we are talking about TRULY DEPLORABLE conditions of human rights and misogyny. I also appreciated that last quotation from Sheila Jeffreys– separating the women who choose to be Mail Order Brides from the situation giving rise TO that decision is not rocket science (except for conservatives, I guess). Anyways, thanks again!

  2. thanks, undercover punk 😀

    btw, i posted on a forum recently about whipping girl by julia serrano, and out of a lot of evasion of what the book said, someone linked me to the fact you and the reading group were doing it last month! i liked the actual engagement with her work that was done by some posters 🙂 i found the point about girlhood to be well-made, indeed

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