Guilty Pleasures: Music

Alright, we all know none of us are perfect, in that our likes/hobbies/etc don’t align wonderously with our politics. So I’m posting some songs–or the songs are fine, but the music video?!? GTFO–that are not woman-friendly, yet I like. EGGGAAAADDDSSSS!!! 😛

Hides head in shaaaamme!

The radfem police are so gonna get me and take away my membership for this! 😉 Teehee.

Katy Perry Hot n Cold (self explanatory)

(the video is to just the song, because the music video goes wayyyy too far in regards to sexualising violence to be able to stomach in any way)

(They play brothers Sam and Dean on Supernatural, which is such a misogynist show, but I lap up the wincest subtext 😦 )

Don’t Trust Me – 3Oh!3 (oh, fucking hell. Needs no explanation. The last verse is the worst, I usually skip over it.)

The Bad Touch – The Bloodhound Gang (I’m sooo sorry, really. This is the only song of theirs I like, I swear.)

Lady Marmalade – Pink, Mya, Lil Kim, Christina, Missy Elliot (this is a collection of good, some great singers, but ah, helllll nah to the glorification of prostitution)

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode (couldn’t find it on youtube, but they are in a goddamm brothel! wtf!) But Marilyn Manson’s version is worse. *le groan and le barf*

Under My Thumb – Rolling Stones (I only like the music/tune, and want to strangle Mick and shove Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics down his huge piehole)

Like a Pill – Pink (I don’t think Pink often pulls off being sexual without being objectified)

Rocky Racoon – The Beatles (woman as possession. damn you paul! and your deer eyes!)

OK, we’ll call it a day.

Next shall be songs and artists that sexualise women without objectifying them, as in, women as sexual, not sexy-for-male-gaze. “I’m coming for ya” not “Come and get me.” I’ll just list most I’ll be including to explain better: Sophie B Hawkins, Storm Large, Tori Amos, Jill Scott, Yeastie Girlz, Cyndi Lauper,  kd lang, and Blue October. I need to earn my radfem card back 😉

And if you’re still scratching your head, you’ll just have to wait a few days to get a sensical explanation of the next post. But here’s two  examples of Sophie Hawkins:

Right Beside You (won’t let me embed, but you should watch it 😀 )

And a duet with Melissa Etheridge!

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