Upcoming posts…

Will happen:

-Responding to Lierre Kieth’s and another defender of corpse-consumption responses on a mutual friend’s facebook page.

-Eating on the cheap–and veg*n–in Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo in particular (I’ll be inviting reader input on this one, for both in this area and other locales)

-Reproductive technologies as methods of controlling the Other, as illustrative of the mutual oppression of women and animals, as reproducing racial, class, species, and sex divisions.

-“Pedophilia” as child hatred (misopedia?), social hypocrisy of condemning “pedophiles” when normal male sexuality is channeled into being fixated on children and childlike adults

-Some favourite spoken word of mine on youtube

Will probably happen:

-Feminism and slash fanfic, particularly in the fandoms Supernatural and Manic Street Preachers (eg Supernatural is a very “not feminist friendly” show, yet so many women and girls write and read slash of it, some injecting very feminist/egalitarian messages, but many reproducing antifeminist themes, eg patriarchal depictions of female characters)

-edited to add: should I try taking this http://kittywampus.wordpress.com/2009/05/23/twisting-the-meaning-of-sex-class/ on? I mean it’s been covered a bazillion times by other so-called “cultural” feminists, but why should I not reacquaint my head with a brick wall? Presumably, for starters, she’s not familiar with Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics, from 1969, or Andrea Dworkin’s Woman Hating (1974) and Our Blood (1976), if she finds actual radfems to not be so (hint: GAYLE RUBIN HAS NOT BEEN ANYWHERE NEAR RADICAL FEMINIST IN DECADES! She, in the 80s, repudiated the article the blogger quotes from). Shulamith Firestone is fairly not representative of radical feminism. She wrote one book, then dropped out, and her views re: reproductive technologies have been proved wrong.

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  1. Looking forward to your posts.

    btw, could you send me an e-mail? I have a question for you.

  2. sounds good!

  3. hey, can’t wait for the pedophilia post especially!

  4. […] about my previous post in relation to this one, published last month and brought to my attention by demonista, I decided to write something about that doyenne “sex-positive” feminism, Gayle Rubin. (Be […]

  5. thanks folks! I hope to get to them!

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