IS Sheila my sister?

edit: please she sister revenge’s comment for why i changed the title.

via allecto’s post.

Sheila is my sister

Sheila is my sister

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  1. Thanks demonista. 😀

  2. this is over my head. it seems to be making reference to something i haven’t heard of. who’s sheila?

  3. no problem dani (you still go by dani, right?)! thanks for doing this 😀

    Sheila Jeffreys? allecto’s link explains it. The short of it, it comes from “feminists” dissing Sheila Jeffreys, a prostitution researcher, revolutionary lesbian feminist, veg*n, etc because of her opposition to male supremacist sexual practices. In those “pro-sex work, pro-sex feminists” that makes her anti-sex. Books of hers include: The Industrial Vagina (economics behind sex industry), The Idea of Prostitution (prostitution as rooted in male supremacy), Anticlimax (sexual revolution as serving patriarchy and denying women and children genuine sexual agency, and everyone just sexuality), Unpacking Queer Politics (looking at how postmodern men define and benefit from queer theory), The Lesbian Heresy (patriarchy turning lesbianism from revolutionary to commercial, pornified, etc)

  4. oh, thanks. (sorry, didn’t notice alecto’s link at first.)

    fuck these people suck. fanon’s quote coming to mind again…

  5. From: “Jennifer McLune”

    [Email addresses removed]

    Subject: RE: How Orgasm Politics Has Hijacked the Women’s Movement
    Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 15:07:58 +0000

    I don’t have time or energy to go into this very deeply but I must finally say publicly that I have a huge problem with Sheila Jeffrey’s. I know a lot of people love and respect her work as a radical feminist. I once did too. That’s why I have until now kept how I really feel about her bottled up inside. Contrary to popular belief Jenn does not enjoy outing people as racists! It gets tiring and frustrating to continuously have to face the fact that so many otherwise right on white people would have us back on the plantation if they could vote anonymously! Read black pro-feminist lawyer Derrick Bell. And yes I believe that includes some radical white feminists as well! Anyways, Sheila Jeffrey’s is a racist. She’s a white supremacist!

    A lot of people don’t know but there is a list serve out of Australia called CATWA, Coalition Against the Trafficking in Women, Australia. I know a woman of color that was on that list. She told me what happened because she was BANNED from the list at the urging of Sheila Jeffrey’s for bringing up the issue of racism. She didn’t just tell me what happened. She printed out and mailed me the entire thread of e-mails from beginning to end! I read the entire thing unfold! It was years ago and I’m still unsure about all the details but I do remember one thing I concluded after reading it all: Sheila Jeffrey’s is a racist and white women like her are my enemy! I remember coming away hating Sheila Jeffrey’s. I remember coming away hating her and feeling really violated for ever trusting her analysis as a white woman to my struggle as a black woman. I felt violated, I felt betrayed. How did I ever let this racist white woman into my consciousness, my analysis?! She only cares about other white women or women of color she can control!

    Basically what happened is there was an incident in Australia in which some aboriginal men allegedly raped or abused some women and they were either imprisoned or let off I don’t remember all the details. A discussion arose about that on this predominantly white list and my friend, a woman of color, found it all very offensive. Some really ignorant and racist things were said by the white women and this friend who was clearly outnumbered as a woman of color pointed out how problematic a lot of the comments were. The white women on this list began their usual chorus of self rightness, good intentions, hurt feelings, sisterhood, sisterhood, sisterhood! Let’s not let race divide us and other such bullshit they cried! Anyways, the bottom line is this: My friend was removed, BANNED from the list at the urging of these white women INCLUDING SHEILA JEFFREYS. Yes, I read her e-mail to the list calling for this woman of color to be removed and all discussions about race ended! It was a slap in the face!

    She’s a RACIST. I have no desire to read anything she writes. Her analysis is useless to me! Even if she is right, she is wrong because she is a racist! There is not a damn thing I can learn from her! She’s the type of white woman who would have us back on the plantation if she could! I fundamentally believe that!

    Nikki Craft was on this list. So was Yoshi Bird. From what I remember they were both on the right side of the issue and supported the women of color…..

    BUT I’ve also had personal correspondence with Nikki Craft in which when I reminded her about CATWA she said that oh well, nobody’s perfect (meaning Jeffreys) and she’s doing really important work! At the time I said nothing but I was really thinking to myself, this is why I don’t really trust white women! Fuck That! Racism is serious! It’s not just about an imperfection! It’s about a legacy of rape, genocide, slavery, colonialism, self hatred….that you benefit from as a white woman! Don’t give me that Sheila Jeffrey’s isn’t perfect shit! So you see? Even when white women support us they may do so out of guilt not because they truly understand or know what is right! So I can’t vouch that today Yoshi or Nikki even get what happened the way I get it.

    Sheila Jeffrey’s is a white supremacist! She’s the type of white woman that will only invoke the issue of race to bolster her own racist white radical feminist agenda! I don’t trust a damn things she does or says in my name as a black woman. She’s evil and dangerous as far as I’m concerned. I saw first hand how she was able to manipulate the idea of unity, sisterhood and the “urgency” of ending prostitution in order to shut down talk of racism and justify removing a woman of color from the CATWA list! This analysis is the very same analysis we all admire and she was able to manipulate it in the interest of racism! That’s what makes her evil and dangerous. Now I know Jeffreys has done a lot of work in the interest of ending violence against women. Why should this incident on CATWA erase all that? Well, first off this is only one incidence we know about and it probably would be dead and forgotten if it wasn’t for my big mouth. Secondly, it should erase it because if she is truly radical she should know better than to use her analysis and work in the interests of evil, and racism is evil!

    Jacquelyn, when she comes on your radio show please ask her about CATWA! In fact forward her my e-mail. I want her to know that someone out there remembers. I think a persons TRUE SELF comes out when they think they are a space safe enough to be their true self! So Jeffrey’s knew because she was in the company of her radical white feminist sisters (the radical feminist community is even whiter in Australia!) she could behave like the Plantation Mistress she really wishes herself to be! I’ll bet you anything she thinks no one remembers what happened on CATWA because she was successful in removing the only woman of color present and she thinks her white sisters will stick behind her as they already have! She’s a self-righteous evil and dangerous person and she’s my enemy.

    Jennifer McLune

  6. hi jenn, thanks for letting my know what happened with that. i’ll change the blog title to reflect your words 🙂

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