Vegan Freaks forum?

I was wanting to register for the vegan freaks forum, but it’s by invite only. Can anyone hook me up?

ps I’ve been vegan (freegan style, so dumpstered/food co-op dairy and egg products, I’ve eaten*) for over a year 😀 And I’m definitely of the ethical/political variety.

*My freegan position also has a lot to do with the socio-economic class of my family. Being pure vegan is VERY difficult when you get much of your food from a food co-op, and only buy specialty vegan foods when they are on sale/reduced because you can’t afford them otherwise. I was vegetarian since I was 11, and found that easy, but had to give up an absolutist approach to veganism when I tried it at the ages of 9, 11, and 20 (last year).

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  1. never heard of this forum but i hope you get in!!! (she deserves it people, hook her up!)

  2. me too! yeah: see, a fellow vegan is pulling for me to get in, folks 😛

  3. If you got in I would love it if you could pass the good fourtune my way! I am a little tired of the other fourms that are just chat sites with vegans not a site for vegans. Thanks!

  4. no luck so far, noochie! if one of us manages getting in, let’s hook the other up 🙂

  5. You wouldn’t be accepted to the site if you applied/were invited. You would find very quickly that “freegans” are frowned upon there. It is a site for abolitionist vegans, and consuming animal products, regardless of what they cost, is not vegan.

    Specialty vegan products are not a prerequisite for being vegan. I know multiple vegans who have grocery budgets of $20 a week or less, and who eat rice, beans, and other whole foods. Being vegan is actually WAY cheaper than eating animal products if you cook and eat whole foods.

    Anyway, not trying to be rude, but just wanted to let you know that the Vegan Freaks forum sounds like it’s not the site for you. Maybe would be a good fit? I hung around that site for a while and liked it.

    • I agree with all of the points made in Bracket’s comment.

      The veganfreak forum doesn’t allow people who consume animal products. The admin, Bob Torres is judgmental and often vindictive. Many of the members are not much better. They tend to be idealouges looking for a fight who are perpetually making further and further psudeo political subdivisions with fewer and fewer people in those groups. Nasty place.

      I’ve been a vegan since the 90s. Vegan foods are some of the cheapest in the world to live off of: legumes, rice, pasta, potatoes, cabbage, apples, peanut butter, etc. Get a free and SHORT guide on vegan nutrition from You can learn what you need and then find the cheapest source.

      Freeganism is cool, but if everyone did it, less or no food would be produced since fewer or no people would be buying any food. Dumpster diving has been going on for over 15 years that I am aware of it hasn’t embarrassed any org into changing its practices beyond locking dumpsters behind fences. If you really want to do something to help hunger get a part time job and donate $50 in dried beans each month to your local food bank.

  6. Hi Bracket, this is going to be rather angry, and I want you to know that the following anger is directed straight at you, but at the sentiment you expressed that is shared by many vegans.

    Sorry, but that’s kind of bullshitty to me. Going by using animal products equals not vegan, I seriously doubt anyone is a “real” vegan. We accidentally consume animal products all the time. It’s hidden in our foods, clothing, toiletries, technology, etc. (eg

    I know specialty vegan isn’t prereq. I buy groceries only a couple times a month, maybe to a grand total of 30 (canadian), if that. I get most of my food from my local self-help food bank, with some freeganised foods (eg take leftover food home from an event that would get thrown out, dumpsterdiving). I often don`t have time to cook whole foods, and usually eat two meals a day and a snack a day. I am involved with a lot of things (eg gcc food coordinator, training, volunteering, activism, university, commuting from the city i live to university, etc)

    I also believe in, to quote Consolidated, the “unity of oppression.” So I try to have the same standards for animal, human, and environmental oppressions and the consumption of the results. 90% of my clothing is second-hand (or third-hand), 90% of my books are used, my computer was a gift from my uncle and I’ve had it for 6 years, etc. How is it any more of a moral or ethical to use/eat non-fair trade vegan things? If it’s ok to eat produce from 1000s of kilometres away, how is it less ethical to eat dumpstered organic, local cheese? eg the environmental impacts of those berries (or whatever) not only harms the environment, but the animals withing that environment.

    We all make concessions in our lives. The solution is not to denounce others for making different ones, but to recognise all of our concessions as such. I’m not justifying eating free vegetarian things, I’m saying it’s no less unethical or ethical than eating bananas. Strict adherence to one set of ethics to the exclusion or neglect of others isn’t ethical, it’s self-aggrandisement.

  7. Forgot to also mention: the number of pro-porn vegans out there?!? WTF! Talk about hypocrisy.

  8. [b]Moral dilemna![/b]

    What’s up? Bored in class here, decided to introduce myself.

    OK actually I had something on my mind. Here’s what happened When I was done with school one day I headed out, I was starving so I took a detour to this fast food joint and ordered a sandwitch and then went off to eat it in a corner when I was done I remembered I didn’t pay!

    Yeah evidently they were super busy and distracted because there was this manager/investor type looking around everywhere and talking to them. So I was just about to go up to the counter and say I hadn’t paid but then I realized if I did that the owner guy might get mad at the employees. So I just left. What should I have done do you think?

  9. As a homeless person with exactly $0/mo in income, I and my friend were able to lift enough vegan food to feed us adequately. (It’s easier with a friend.)

    As a street kid from the ages of 8 to 16, my friend was able to lift and dumpster enough food to feed themselves and sometimes their friends as a vegan. Being a freegan wasn’t an option because of allergy issues.

    What I’m trying to say is that it isn’t actually very hard or impossible to eat vegan with little to no money. And (sorry, Winnie – I know we’ve had this discussion before) your belief that you can’t get by without eating dumpstered animal products may actually be inhibiting your ability to do so.

    Anyway… I wouldn’t recommend VeganFreaks. I used to be very active a few years ago. It’s become very insular and privileged and mean; if you disagree with the forum owner, Bob Torres, you’d better not voice it, because the entire forum has basically turned into a site for his ego-gratification. And you will get punished for disagreeing with his beliefs, from the little stuff – like getting warned for things that others are not – to bigger stuff. It doesn’t help that Bob isn’t intellectually honest with himself, either; he subjects raw foodists to the same fallacious arguments that he hates when they’re directed from carnists to vegans. They are also really, really privileged and really, really anti-woman in general. It’s not a happy place and unless you want to deal with a hyper-aggressive personality cult, I’d avoid like the plague.

    • thanks for the info on veganfreaks! duly noted 🙂

      i know some dumpsterdivers are all vegan, but i guess where i’m coming from is two places: –politics around the wasting of food and –politics around exploitative and violent (even lethal) labour to get products. i don’t buy non-vegan food. nor would i buy jewelry. however, eating is a basic human need, adornment to show wealth isn’t. ppl die to make diamonds, gold, silver, etc and ecosystems, inc the animals in them, are poisoned and killed. i would deem it worse to wear gold than to eat dumpstered non-vegan muffins for example. another example, i won’t even buy non-vegan food for cheap, but i will buy child-labour clothes at clearance sales (i’m talking 5 bucks or less a shirt) and garage sales. similarly, i won’t buy, even second hand, but will wear leather boots.

      these “give ins” are all concessions, i fully admit that. however, what i’m saying is we all have to pick and choose things we will not negotiate on. we can’t live perfect, exploitation free lives. dumpstering veg food is a concession i am willing to make, due to my first point: politics of food waste. the west throws out half the food it produces. it’s fucking disgusting. we toss in the dumpster, burn, etc and humans and animals fucking starve. by leaving food to go in the dumspter, we say it’s better that this rot in a landfill than feed a hungry being. that the suffering rendered to get this food is for nothing except an acceptable wee loss in profits to some rich white male douchebags. not to mention, it adds the the already ridiculous amount of waste we have.

      i could go on, eg ranting on how vegan chocolate, even the fair trade kind, usually uses child labour and is really involved in child trafficking. but do i think vegans need to give up chocolate? hells naw.

      that view plays into the view that individual change will transform the world, and that simply changing oneself rather than institutions is the way to go. i call bs. firebombing a (empty of live animals obviously) slaughterhouse does for more to prevent animal use/abuse/death than being a “be the change” vegan. meaning it has to become more harmful to their money and property (and even persons) to continue using and killing animals to get them to stop. i honestly think most industry is supply driven not pre-existing demand driven, meaning even if some demand goes down, they will create more demand in another group, or create a “new” product to get ppl who stopped buying to buy again (eg cage free)

      ok, seriously stopping now 🙂

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