JHR Laurier’s publication on 2010 Vancouver Olympics – PDF

Click here, via AW@L’S site

My article about prostitution, trafficking, and the Olympics is on pages 6-7.


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  1. Fantastic article.

    The Victor Malarek quote of 40,000 women and children being trafficked to meet the demands of the punters attending the 2004 Olympics, is truly sobering. Sport and rape seem to go together like the proverbial horse and carriage, they are almost the defining events in constructing modern masculinity.

  2. way to go winnie! i didn’t re-read the article, cuz i assume it’s the same thing you published earlier on this blog?

  3. feminamist, thanks. (hope you liked the rest of it too!) yes! sport and rape do go frighteningly well together, as allecto expounds in a recent post of hers. the more male (exclusive, dominant) and competitive a sport, club, etc is, the more likely the males in it are rapists. the hazings that boys and men who join undergo are almost always sexually assaultive of the males undergoing it (eg paddlings, anal penetration with objects) and/or focus on sexually objectifying and assaulting women and girls.

    harmony, pretty much. i think they cut out a paragraph somewhere. i have that feeling, but haven’t compared the two versions, so am not sure.

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