21st Carnival of Radical Feminists, part 2: 30 posts

Demonista’s finds (as in, I take responsibility for its inclusion). This is part 2, there will probably be two more parts. Sorry to break it up so much! I’ve limited the number of entries per blogger to three, out of expediency.

A schadenfreudal orgasm by Jen.

Mom and Sex Work Is Transphobic at Valerie Speaks

Equality is Equality is Equality, Dispatches from Nappyville: What’s the Mother of a Black Child to Do?, and For Black Women, Hatred Begins at “Home” by What Tami Said

Can’t You Say Something Nice About Prostitution? by Peridot Ash

I Am Back with Apologies by Amber

Jennifer McClune’s WARNING Ladies: Being a Jerk is the Male Default Setting!, “You Told Harpo to Beat Me?”: How Hip Hop Music Defines and Divides Black Women, and With Friends Like These, or The ReTOOLed Misogyny of Feminist Dudes at Celie’s Revenge

Create for Animal Rights: Not Man’s best friend and Free Lucy! (the elephant)

FOKUS Networking Conference Statement on Trafficking & Prostitution at Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW)

A recent Biting Beaver post, at Archive of the Biting Beaver, GFE’s or “Girl Friend Experience”

Bermuda Radical writes On the Struggle Against Patriarchy and reposts The Radical Women Platform.

Thoughts on “Consent” by Laurelin in the Rain.

Equalist Sex by Belenen.

On Being Alone, Love Me, Love My Menstruation, and Foie Gras by Bonobo Babe.

Some venting and activism courtesy of the lj community feminist_fury: I came across these magnetic words by anji, I am in a DIY community by Codie, and The Prettiest Girl in Class by Lady Hedge.

Feminist Reprise posts on white antiracist errors, News of the day apropos moi, and Ageism and Radical Feminism.

Let’s not forget the requisite Joss Whedon bashing 😛 Dans la Reine, inspired by Fengi, posts about Dollhouse.

I’ll try to get the third part up within a week. And now, on to responding to comments 🙂

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