Sorry! (Carnival of Radical Feminists, pt 1)

I am running insanely late on it, and I apologise profusely. My March has been crazy busy with drama *wring hands*–eg school, friends, personal life, facebook even πŸ˜›

I feel awful about holding things back so much, so I’ll post what was sumbitted to the carnival and emailed to me. I’ll post my finds at a later date soon. Again, apologies!

So, carnival, part un.

Menstrual Poetry presents January 5-11 is Women’s Self-Empowerment Week! posted at Healing Yourself Heals the World.

Ama Lee presents Speaking Truth to Power: An Interview with Jennifer Baumgardner posted at Feminist Review, saying, “I know she’s not traditionally thought of as a radical feminist, but I do think this interview shows complex thoughts about feminism.” *I included it because of her I was raped project.

Ama Lee presents And the World Changed: Contemporary Stories by Pakistani Women posted at Feminist Review.

Nandita presents Defined by Blood posted at Cold SnapDragon.

Anti-Porn London presents What are we Reclaiming For? posted at Anti-Porn Feminists.

Pippa presents Sheffield Fems and Inaccessibility posted at incurable hippie’s musings and rants, saying, “Inaccessible feminism. Background article here:

freethinkr presents On Femininity (and Masculinity) posted at notes of a freethinker.

Heart presents The Colonizing of the Feminist Blogosphere: Why Feminists Should Have Boycotted Fem 2.0 posted at Women’s Space.

Rebecca Mott presents Won’t Go Away, Some Personal Thoughts on Unionising, and These Things Make Me Angry posted at rmott62.

Romeo Vitelli presents Fallen Women posted at Providentia.

Heart presents other wimmin’s bloggings:

But He’s Such a Nice Guy at Historiann.

Zip Code Based Study of Porn Consumption Finds Red States Consume the Most at Feminist Law Professors.

Two posts at Amananta: The Whitewash Continues and More Evo Psycho Bullshit.

I’m so tired of arguing with sex-pos feminists at Hell on Hairy Legs.

My Sexual Revolution by Julie Bindel.

Language Does Matter by Rebecca Mott.

Sully and Suleyman at Freedom Rider.

Open Letter to Depressed Women at Free Soil Party Blog.

SM Berg presents Just thoughts. . . on blogging and stuff by Maggie Hays.

MTV: Sex, drugs, and (almost no) rock and roll… FOR KIDS! by Nine Deuce.

When the number of bodies hit double digits,
finally the police begin seriously investigating cases of missing
by Feminist Law Professors.

Part 2 will include blog posts I’ve decided to include, spoken word with a radical feminist bent, international news stories relating to women’s lives, feminist music videos, conference statements, etc. Topics include prostitution, mother-daughter incest, the myth of “the good profeminist males,” animal liberation, body image, recovery from sexual abuse, the politics of hair for black and mixed race women, masculinity, love, sisterhood, Nazism, female genital mutilation, and more!

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  1. Go Winnie! Thanks for these great links, looking forward to your part 2. No worries about being late. We’re on Radfem time, not Patriarchy time. πŸ™‚



  2. Thanks for publshing so much of my writing (too much,really). I going through a tough time, so it is a big boost.

  3. […] March 23, 2009 Posted by antiplondon in Radical Feminism. trackback Part one, up at Incorrigible Radical Feminist. Our very popular (’popular’) What are we Reclaiming For? is […]

  4. Love your avatar, Rebecca! (And your writings, of course!)

  5. Julie Bindel does it again with her idea that the lesbian is the ultimate rejection of male supremacy. I thought it interesting that she mentioned lesbian identity as a conscious choice. Or as a friend of mine once said, “there are choosers and there are born lesbians,” which is why we have these debates… it’s both.

    30 years ago, lesbian in England really raised the barn of consciousness. Sheila Jeffreys was mentioned as “keeping the faith,” and that’s what it really is all about, our undying faith in the freedom fight the self-possession and the rejection of male colonization that is the lesbian! Thanks, that article is still the greatest, and so is Julie!!!

  6. Thanks for the inclusion with all of these great posts. πŸ™‚

  7. And, oh bow wow wow wow! I just read all the letters to Julie Bindel’s piece and the het attack machine is going full bore over there!

    I tried to sign up for comment to give Julie some help. The article was smashing, too bad even most women don’t get what she’s talking about.

  8. wow, look at all the goodies! it’s like you just opened the door to a whole new world for me. thanks.

    being in school, how do you find time to read all this stuff and write a blog yourself??

  9. Thanks for including me, Demonista.I’m planning to go back to the blogosphere soon. πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks everyone πŸ™‚

    Rebecca, your writing more than deserved to be included in the carnival πŸ˜€

    Avostarfish, yes indeed! I usually identify as queer (it’s all up in the air, really; i use pansexual/queer/bisexual/straight/gay man/etc at diff times), and I really appreciate the Lesbian feminist critique of heterosexuality/intercourse/nuclear family/domination-submission dynamics. I agree with most of it, even as someone who is sexually involved with men. I was getting into this earlier today on facebook over me posting a Marilyn Frye excerpt on heterosexism in women’s studies from feminist reprise, accusing her of not respecting heterosexual women. oyvay!

    harmony, mmm, goodies! hope you learn. your very welcome. hahaha–how i get stuff done? i procrastinate, including on my blogging πŸ˜›

    maggie, hope you do come back soon. don’t be a stranger! πŸ˜‰

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