Toronto Rally for a Progressive Coalition, and Consolidated downloads

Come on out to it! I’ll be there 🙂

Not only that, but Jack Layton, Mary Walsh, and Dion will too !!#%^E%$&Q!

In bad news, Michaelle Jean, our Governer General, has let Harper prorogue parliament (suspend it till the end of January). DAMMIT!!!

Here’s some Consolidated songs to stoke the revolutionary fire 😉 5 tracks from Play More Music… a fantastic album 🙂

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  1. you know i love you, winnie, but methinks the “progressive coalition” was an insult to the word progressive.

  2. then again, methinks the same thing about the ndp in and of itself.

    ever heard of “the waffle”? or “fight back”?

  3. what can i say. i’ve a big soft spot for jack layton, andrea horwath and their ndp. i’ll take the ndp over the greens any day. and the bloc is left of centre, furhter so than the liberals. hands down, the ndp out lefts the greens. the greens are quite right wing, and so many leftists who like them just don’t know the truth about the party they support, eg jim harris, the green party is obscenely pro-capitalist, many are anti-abortion, etc. another example: only a quarter of green candidates in the last election were women, whereas 40% of the ndp candidates were women. the ndp had the highest numbers of visible minorities too. not to mention, it’s the unionists, teachers, nurses, socialist-democrats, etc who vote for them. eg, a friend of mine, a socialist/radical/feminist/pro-animal rights Indigenous man loves the ndp, altho he too hated the coalition. (he wants the ndp to get into government alone)

    i hadn’t heard of the waffle, but i looked it up. it’s sad that the ndp needs to tone down it’s radicalism so people feel freer to support them. but they are still very close to their social justice roots. they have platforms on aboriginal rights and soverignty, environment, economic justice (jobs, healthcare, social assistance, social housing, pay equity), women’s rights, disabled people’s rights, etc. they are opposed to NATO, the Afganistan war, etc. and think canada should be limited to a peacekeeper role under direction from the UN. They call the Israeli-Palestinian conflict an Israeli occupation of Palestine. They want to send off cheap, generic drugs to treat HIV, esp in Africa (override the patent that protects the expensive drugs from being copied). They are explicity pro-choice, and against violence against women, esp against women who are native and/or in the sex industry, and funding shelters, job trainings, drug treatment, etc.

    These are a few of my fave moments from Layton:

    OK, I’ll stop advertisting for the ndp now.

  4. lol, i don’t mind the advertisement 😛
    i do vote ndp, and i think they’re better than the other mainstream alternatives, but what kind of anarchist would i be if i thought we could vote our way to freedom? representative “democracy” and political parties in general don’t get me excited. if we want to survive and thrive, we’ll need a revolution.

    there is an organization called fightback which is trying to radicalize the ndp (kinda like the waffle, only for a new generation, and they intend to learn from the past to avoid a similar fate) and turn it into a socialist party. i have doubts that a party financially beholden to the bourgeoise can be pulled that far to the left, but i admire their goal and efforts. i went to a meeting once just to check them out and despite tactical and ideological differences, they seemed like nice people. they also have other groups (by different names) in other nations trying to radicalize liberal political parties (such as the british labor party).

    if you’re into the ndp, and into making them more left, they’re worth checking out. this is their website:

  5. heehee, advertisin’ for da ndp 😉

    me too! whudda thunk? 😛

    i checked the site out, and they seem to place too much blame for our problems, esp women’s, on capitalism. the see it as primary, over male supremacy, nor do they understand that Patriarchy is a whole system of multiple oppressions, of which sex is one of the primary ones. they seem big on dividing women for the sake of allying some women with working men…

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