An attempt at a solution

It’s been brought to my attention that some radical feminists don’t feel comfortable commenting on my blog, especially on entries where sex-pox bloggers have commented. Now, I don’t want to ban the comments from the latter crowd, as long as they aren’t just plain assholish, but I want radfems to feel as welcome as I can while still allowing at least some commenters that disagree with me. Besides, it’s fun when someone like Daisydeadhead just makes an ass of herself, all on her own, by making the most inane comments 😛

So, a proposed solution: please, feel free to comment, regardless of where you stand. BUT, if you are pro-porn, pro-sadopatriachy (“bdsm”), etc. DO NOT attempt to start a debate with a radfem other than I. I will engage in debate and conversation with you, when I feel like it, but, unless explicitly (not implicitly) invited to by a radfem commenter, don’t “challenge,” “question,” etc any of them. You may ask if you may, and only if given the go ahead, you can. I will not unscreen you if you don’t follow this. Further, I would appreciate if people don’t link to any comments made by a radfem to mock it. How you behave on your own and other sex-pox blogs can have standing on how I treat you here.

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  1. interesting…but fair enough. Can I ask, however, that if ‘Us sellouts” are attacked or questioned here by rad fems, the attacks are treated as such or that answers may be given so long as they are reasonable?

    I may be a world class asshole ala Dr. Gregory House, but I do believe in “fair”.

  2. RenEv, you folks have got your own blogs, which I know y’all make liberal use of to complain about us folks. You are big kids and do handle it.

    If you have an issue with a rad fem commenter, take it up with me, not them.

    If a specific person is spoken of (by name or it’s really obvious) you are welcome to address it here, but not as a “oh yeah, heart ?!?” but as an “actually,…” or “D, that’s whack.” Basically, don’t try to confront them here. Clarify, etc as you please.

    I don’t guarantee a response tho, eg if I end up with dozens of comments saying the same damn thing. (That’s a general comment, not specifically to you Ren.)

  3. I will get back to your blog when I have a little more time this week, promised. 😉

    It’s a very interesting blog. How do you like WordPress, Demonista?

  4. I like it far better than lj. Lj only beats out wordpress in one small way.

    Thanks for reading maggie 😀

  5. D- Cool, makes sense.

  6. 🙂

    “Look, Betty Ann, the children are playing nicely!” 😛

  7. Good solution. I may just have to adopt it myself!

  8. Hey, good blog. Can I include it in my blogroll?

    This is kk0isonlymyname from LiveJournal, btw 🙂

  9. Sure Komal! No probs 🙂 Thanks for blogrolling me 😀

  10. Hey,

    No problem 🙂

    Could you please remove my name from that comment, though? I’m a bit scared of being ‘found out’. K thanks.

    The URL in this comment is the correct one, btw. The one in my first comment is incorrect.

  11. Oh damn I put my own name!

    All right, never mind. What’s the worst that could happen, anyway?

  12. What the hell?

    I’m so confused… (my comment disappeared)

  13. Hi demonista, this is miki here, also a livejournal refugee. this is off topic but I don’t know where else to write to you…so i’ve finally decided to follow your lead and make the leap to wordpress after a long period of abandoning my LJ and not writing anything online except comments on online news sites… i think i need a good therapeutic blog. i’m still getting the hang of this, but it seems pretty nice this system, and finally i can coordinate multiple blogs for different languages. i’ve set up one blog at in Spanish and probably i will set up another one soon for English. 🙂 may i add you to my blogroll (as soon as i figure out how xD)?

  14. hiya miki! glad to see ya here (both my blog and wordpress). i like ya 😛 post moar, plz. and i shall do the same.

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