My take on “pedophiles”

I’m posting old entries, because I’ll be deleting them from view on my lj. From April 2004.
This is my second message i posted on the ACLU NAMBLA rage page (the first was way back in Sept. 2002). It was done quickly, so may not make the most sense:

I agree with the previous few posts. Children do not have enough life experience to give informed consent to having sex. In the case of similarly situated, similarly aged kids, they are not “mutually raping” each other, they are innocently (meaning non-predatorily) exploring their sexuality. However, if an adult (or significantly older kid) has sex with a kid, the same motives may be operating, but it’s one sided. “Pedophiles” is an inaccurate word because pedophilia literally means love of children. If they genuinely cared for kids they would give them the information they need on sexuality, not “teach” them about it through imposing themselves sexually on kids. So-called girl and boy “lovers” (non-sadistic pedophiles) know full well what games they are playing, while their victims don’t. A child may say “yes”, even seek out sex with adults, but a child isn’t aware of the motives of their molester. They may even say “Oh, he isn’t a pedophile – he really loves me” only to find, when they outgrow the pedophile’s prefered age bracket, that they are dropped like a sack of hot potatoes. Men (and women) who molest children want to have sex with them for one of two reasons: they are sexually attracted to kids and/or children are easy targets because of their powerlessness and naivete. Once they lose their youthfulness, neediness, become empowered, the pedophile is not interested. He moves on to the next easy target to control. Also, once a child matures and hopefully recovers their Self, they no longer want to be involved with their molester. They realize that he used them, toyed with their emotions, lied to them, manipulated their sexuality to suit his. If the molester leaves before this happens, the child is let even more devasted than before he came on the scene. It’s like pulling a child away from a cliff only to shove them off it once you tire of them and seek greener pastures. When a child realizes their molester didn’t think they were special enough to respect, stick with, and help grow to adulthood without taking advantage of them can be the final nail in the coffin – possibly literally.

Notes: If a child does seek out sex with an adult, that is a sign of previous abuse.
I only refer to pedophiles as males or parenthically as females becasue women are only about 8% of pedophiles. I have used the gender neutral term “they”, “their”, etc. because about 70% of victims are girls, 30% boys.

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